Poetic design - couture for hot days and romantic nights


An icy river shaped this tapestry dress. The glacier has melted but the dress is here to remind us of the earth's past and our origins. It can hang on a wall or be worn at a gala event.


She is a Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure as well as a devoted wife. Always ready to visit  the planet Venus. Created from sea foam,  free and independent but innocent and fresh.


Chopin Cape

Monique's husband David, dressed for a Chopin concert at the Philharmonic. The cape  tapestry has music from an actual Chopin etude woven into it.




This hand knitted dress brings volcanic eruption energy to every event. Hot, light and transparent, elegant and basic, yet the provocative crochet trim flows like lava.


Rain Forest

To blend with the forest wear this transparent crochet and knitted dress. Purity, innocence and morning dew are the best accesories for this mohair and rayon dress.

  Moda Monique is Unique, Wild, Outrageous

Moda Monique presents clothes that Monique designs, makes and enjoys wearing. Monique starred in the TV program "Zony Hollywood". She exhibits her Wearable Art at museums and art galleries all over the world. She is a curator and judge at fashion  shows, where she wears her handmade outfits. These outfits are not for sale, Monique simply loves sharing her ideas to inspire others to enjoy creating theirs own outfits.

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